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Some times the world can be a little dumb.
Thats when you flip to side B.



America, I guess.

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Posted by MaeniGram - 12 days ago

entertain me.

Posted by MaeniGram - May 10th, 2021

Ever since I made those few songs for that horrible mod, Meander, Argue and remixed Ugh, and after I'm Bored, I can't stop making songs that have that Friday Night Funkin' mentality with two voices 'fighting' back and forth,


And I can't really tell if its good or not, I don't like copying other formulas in music, so writing a song with the Friday Night Funkin' style back and forth doesn't feel like it sits well with me, even if its fun as all hell.

Feels like I'm stealing from Kawai Sprite or something, as hilarious as that might sound.

Anyways, off to posting.


Posted by MaeniGram - April 26th, 2021

I'm gonna post about this here, too so more might see it.

Long story short, I'm dumb and cannot animate anything that looks good, so I require assistance.

I'm currently looking for someone who'd be willing to animate my stupid character together for my FNF mod with the use of the little texture map I posted earlier. Unfortunately I can't pay but I would be absurdly grateful.


Posted by MaeniGram - April 20th, 2021

I was recently wanting to upload my concept arts of my stupid FNF mod to the Art Portal last night, when (thankfully) I read the somewhere on the page that its recommended to keep unfinished art out of the Art Portal. It didn't make me salty or anything, but now I don't quite know where to upload my concepts to get good feedback without just, well trying to finish it.

Maybe I could link a Deviant Art page where all my concepts go, and ask for criticism there?

Or would that be blasphemy and result in me getting fuckin' banned or my posts getting blammed?

Posted by MaeniGram - April 18th, 2021

its nice to see that only a few days after I come back, a familiar face crashes the entire website.

All of FNF, Pico, Tankman, Hank, all of em, FTW!!!!

Now go spend your money.


Posted by MaeniGram - April 15th, 2021



Posted by MaeniGram - April 13th, 2021

I feel new here again and I don't like it. Its really, really nice to be back seeing this website and all, and all the new shit, but I'm really starting to regret taking down my older emails, shit from 2006 to like 2015 are all gone now because 2017 me thought she didn't need that shit any more. Yet, whoopty fucking doo, here I come crawling back to Newgrounds thanks to a fucking rhythm game that made me realize how much I missed this place.

Can you tell I'm salty yet?

Posted by MaeniGram - April 12th, 2021

I exist. Time to exist a lot more on here than that... thing that people call Twitter.

I miss this place.